SERVICES (NuCreative Ent. Hub)

What we do for Brands

* Influencer Activation * Brand positioning in music videos * Custom Music campaign * Social Media

Finding ways to successfully engage with consumers through social media platforms has become a requirement to a brand’s marketing strategy. NuCreative addresses this core brand need by creating comprehensive stand-alone social media campaigns utilizing entertainment and celebrities, providing easily digestible content takeaways.

We also offer the option of full agency management of the brand’s social media universe. Stand-alone social media campaigns are crafted with entertainment, social influencer's/celebrity partners, typically incorporating contests and giveaways to further increase engagement and participation by current fans, while broadening the reach to create new followers. Our agency additionally offers full service daily social media management where we pro-actively post and grow interactions within the brand’s social media universe.

Social media site management includes, amongst others, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram with service including:

  • Development of custom profiles on a variety of social networking sites.
  • Create and schedule valuable, targeted content strategically and consistently year round.
  • Respond to all audience interactions and develop a following of social media influencers.
  • Create a social media calendar and make adjustments as needed.
  • Manage all the various social platforms.
  • Collect, analyze and present Analytics/metrics from various sources to decide what is working best and what needs to be augmented.
  • Implement social media advertising campaigns.
  • Strategy Consultation

Brand integration

It’s a proven fact: People buy the brands they see their favorite celebrities are holding, drinking, wearing or even standing near them in music videos or television shows. Purchase influence occurs when consumers see a brand’s logo, hear a verbal mention of, or recognize a product they are familiar within a popular entertainment property. NuCreative creates Brand Integration and Product Placement partnerships through Digital platforms, such as Gaming & Music that best position your product and services, while controlling brand positioning and the overall marketing message

Influencer services

What we do for Influencer's and people of high influence:

  • Influencer activation and brand partnership
  • Landing Pages for new songs [album] that draws the exact demographics for email marketing and first hand promotions [sign-up with FB or Twitter]
  • Pop-up Music Platform
  • E-commerce Store and functions
  • Partner up/advice on getting with Start-up or growth level online businesses utilizing your [Influencers] star-power [Part of building your investments]
  • Brand positioning in music videos
  • Social media influence capitalization [getting you rewarded and paid for your social media influence and reach]
  • Social media campaigns, management and fans interaction
  • Community building and research
  • Design and Artwork


Through a series of strategic resources and services, NuCreative actively keeps you abreast of the ever-evolving digital landscape and helps you turn information into action. Drawing on past experiences as consultants and operators of web developments and consumer brands, NuCreative’s strategy team works closely with you to share industry insight and best practice expertise. Through original thought leadership and proprietary research, NuCreative addresses and explores issues that are critical to our client’s online success. We translate strategic insights into actionable guidance you can use to further the success of your online channel.

These strategic resources and services include:

  • In-person client briefings that focus on the latest research and industry trends and their potential applications to your business
  • Diagnostic programs to help you evaluate, measure and isolate gaps that inhibit meaningful business growth

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