NuCreative, a division of Pikoko Group was founded in 2011 and incorporated in 2014. Since then, NuCreative has positioned itself as an innovative leader who partners with organisations that want to grow through marketing, online communications and technology. Our approach includes Strategy, Creative, Ecommerce, Web Development and Online Marketing for our partners so they can concentrate on their core business. NuCreative has identified specific opportunities in the market and has thus created two business units, NuCreative Base and NuCreative Entertainment Hub.

NuCreative Base

A digital and IT business that combines the various methods available to provide a comprehensive, connected client experience. No other business delivers the entire package – from development to management and delivery to retention like NuCreative does. Our holistic approach uncovers unique insights and cross benefits for clients – whether they utilize one or all our services. The process is therefore more seamless and profitable. We live in a world where your customers demand more and we are here to help you deliver.

NuCreative Base focuses on digitization across various industries and uses the power of the internet to transform and disrupt industries. It is a dynamic and innovative company that operates e-commerce stores, develops websites and does social media marketing across various industries.

NuCreative’s ability to collaborate and assist companies to establish formidable online platforms is proving to be both beneficial and lucrative for our partners.

NuCreative Entertainment hub

We build offline and online experiences within the entertainment industry that enable us to create solution-specific programs for each individual client based on their unique goals.

We create customized campaigns that mix a variety of connections to reach, engage, entertain and drive your consumer – from the dance floor, to the web and directly to your brand. We use Custom Music Events, Consumer Promotions, Promotional Merchandise, Cool Parties, Influencer/Celebrity Association and Content Creation as some of the tools to achieved the desired outcomes.

Our Solutions are simple, we focus on these two elements: INFLUENCERS and BRANDS.
Influencers and celebrities possess what we call “Digital assets” driven by their ability to drive trends and lead the latest conversation. For brands this represents an opportunity to speak to consumers in a voice, tone and “coolness” they listen to, in places they hang out.

NuCreative Entertainment hub is the LANDLORD that houses the coolest spots where brands hangout where influencers lead the consumers to the dance floor!

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